• 3rd Party API Calls xACTION will call a 3rd party API to update data in a non-xAPI System

  • Intelligent Statement Forwarding xACTION will forward a specific xAPI statement out of an activity stream based on rules and conditions

  • Statement Transformation xACTION can watch for a pattern of xAPI statements and send a newly generated statement following your data governance.

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About RISC

We are the foundation of your learning ecosystem

RISC, Inc. has specialized in enterprise learning management solutions since 1992. Our Virtual Training Assistant (VTA) Learning Ecosystem integrates training, assessment, and competency management into a single system with robust, real-time reporting. As an early adopter of xAPI and cmi5, the VTA Ecosystem with an integrated LRS is also conformant with these specifications. 

We developed xACTION in response to clients’ needs for a tool to bridge their organizations’ enterprise systems and  xAPI data. Ask us how xACTION can help your organization manage and be in control of your xAPI data stream. 

RISC Debuts xACTION at DevLearn 2022 to Awards and Accolades

DevLearn has long been one RISC”s favorite conferences of the year and DevLearn was back in full force in 2022.  Nearing pre-COVID attendee numbers, DevLearn lets shine all the…